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Everyone's included



Gold Coast Rainbow Communities is committed to inclusion and access for our whole rainbow community. We are an inclusive organisation who embrace LGBTIQA+ people from all walks of life, and believe that no-one should be prevented from leading a full and happy life full of meaning and social connection due to differing abilities.


We believe that ableism is as toxic and destructive as homophobia and misogyny. For this reason, we generate social and community events for our entire community (mixed abilities activities), as well as activities tailored specifically towards people with disabilities. We embrace the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community, and the neurodiverse community, and are constantly striving to educate ourselves and improve our access and inclusion.




Gold Coast Rainbow Communities is proud to partner with Gold Coast Disability and Youth (GCDAY) to provide support for neurodiverse people on the NDIS. GCDAY is run by a queer man with autism and assists people to access our events.


GCDAY enables us to provide both 1 on 1 support and group support, charged as per the pricing arrangements of the NDIS. We will find out what your needs are, and endeavour to do our best to meet them.


If you are a person with neurodiversity, disabilities or different abilities, please get in touch - we'd love to welcome you.


EVERYONE is welcome in the Rainbow Community.



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