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We cannot be more excited to introduce a fabulous new offering for our rainbow community at the Gold Coast Pride Festival in 2024: Our brand new Creative Arts Safe Space!

This program is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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JD Zamora - Comedy Space

Queer comedy sensation JD Zamora will lead a low-key space for ideas about making comedy while being queer and autistic. You can bring any jokes you want to work on, or just come along and learn about the art and science of being funny when you're queer and on the spectrum!

We have a comedy workshop, weaving, poetry and so much more! We can't wait for you to experience this wonderful sensory space, all-ages and designed to be accessible and safe for the whole community, with special consideration for our neurodivergent folks. It's far away from the hustle and bustle of the main stage to be low-key, low-stress and lightly sociable - but still deeply part of the community!

Briony Barr - Collective Weaving Space


Continuing her collaborative drawing practice into the third dimension, artist Briony Barr will work with Pride-goers to create a gorgeous, branching, rainbow sculpture, inspired by trees, corals, crystals, fractals and chandeliers. This communal creative process will connect people in a soft and gentle way as we work together to join hundreds of colourful chenille pipe cleaners and grow a vibrant new life-form! A great activity for our non-verbal friends.

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Lucian Marine -The Creating Space


Art therapist Lucian Marine will lead the Creating Space, a drop-in creative chill zone, where you can come and sit, draw, colour-in, collage, or add to our community art work any way you choose. It's free and all materials are provided. You can chat, or not, wear headphones, bring your own craft projects or sensory toys, and leave whenever you like. Everyone is welcome, including dogs. There's magic in being creative together outside.

Emma Simington - Queer Poetry Space


Talented local poet Emma Simington will lead a discussion on queer poetry, including techniques and tactics for connecting with identity in an empathetic and poetic way. You're welcome to bring your own poetry or poetic ideas or to just sit back and enjoy the conversation!

Circus Workshop

Roll-up, roll-up! The circus is in town! This Circus Workshop at Gold Coast Pride an immersive experience for any aspiring performers to hone their skills, discover their potential, and fall in love with the magical world of circus arts. Join Vince and Cathy as they showcase their prowess and take you on a wonderful journey through the joy and artistry of the circus. Blending acrobatics, clowning, and aerial arts, Cathy and Vince are experienced, caring performance coaches who will generate a truly inclusive, supportive and nurturing circus space for everyone. All ages and abilities are welcome at the circus workshop!

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