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On Friday, 17 December 2021, Arcare Parkwood officially received its Rainbow Tick Accreditation, as per the Quality Innovation Performance Accreditation Report.


Accreditors gave notable mention to the steps that Arcare Parkwood undertook to achieve their Rainbow Tick Accreditation.

Arcare CEO Colin Singh said, “We’re extremely proud to receive a successful Rainbow Tick Accreditation for Arcare Parkwood - the first LGBTIQ+ inclusive residence in Queensland,”

“We look forward to creating a community that continues to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.”

Arcare Parkwood thanks their team members, residents and their families and loved ones who were involved in the assessment process by sharing their knowledge and experience.

Residence Manager Sue Falzon said, “It’s been wonderful to see our community come together to achieve this. We believe it’s important to bring awareness and achieving the Rainbow Tick Accreditation sets Arcare Parkwood at the forefront of LGBTIQ+ inclusivity in the aged care sector. We look forward to moving beyond the tick as well.”


Everyone who joins the Arcare Parkwood Community is supported by our unique Relationship-First Approach where nurturing honest, respectful and consistent relationships with residents and their loved ones is at the heart of what we do. 

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