Sungays is a a group of djs from the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Lismore. On Sundays you can catch our live Broadcast on Mixcloud or Facebook. Playing some Funky House, Deep House and Funky Disco. The best way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

Meet the DJs

DJ BigFurr


Currently residing in Lismore This amazing DJ is a legend from Sydney, Playing at all the Major events and underground parties Dj BigFurr was a Dj must for any event. Now in Lismore he has played for Tropical Fruits and he loves bringing the community together through his music and Northern Rivers Bears Club. 

DJ Bolt


This is an exciting day for me (and maybe for a few other people as well, who have been wondering if I was ever going to post a podcast again). So ... this is my first podcast in just over 2.5 years. This is also a first for me. My first recorded live set.


And my first recorded from DJ decks at my new home here in Surfers Paradise. This is a re-recording of my NYE set at the Cornucopia party (plus an extended addition of a few extra mixes at the end including one for a mate of mine who requested the closing song - which also happens to be one of my all-time favourite tracks And for people that know me, they’ll understand how much this coincidence means to me.


This podcast was recorded at 3:14 pm on 4/1 The first track was 4min 13 secs long For those that are interested - I truly believe the universe is connected, and that everything happens for a reason, both the good and the bad. The numbers 3,1,4 mean a lot to me and I realised just how much when I recently found out that both my brother and his daughter also share the same connection to these numbers. So upon googling "seeing 314 everywhere", I found the following link https://angelnumber.org/314-angel-number-meaning-and-symbolism/ These numbers are my "angel numbers".


Now, I'm not religious in any way, but finding this website, gave me a great deal of comfort after a very distressing year. It let me know, that everything is going to be ok and that I can move forward with my life and make it on my own, and to get back into pursuing my dreams and desires (ie DJing)

DJ Vincible


Dj Vincible has only been on the scene for 7 years and quickly establish himself as one of the premier Djs. With Multiple Dj of the year nominations and a fixture on the Brisbears and BootCo dj calendars he has become a house hold name.


You can catch Dj Vincible playing at all the Major Parties in Brisbane and Sydney. He's Djing has even taken him all the way to Japan in 2020.