Welcome to Gold Coast Rainbow Communities, the Gold Coast’s hub for all things LGBTIQA+.


Gold Coast Rainbow Communities is the Gold Coast’s leading LGBTIQA+ organisation. We are an incorporated, not-for-profit, community-based, gay- and gender-diverse-led organisation. We host a diverse range of LGBTIQA+ community events, from sport, leisure and wellness activities to day trips, BBQs, picnics, parties, yacht cruises.

Our flagship event is our annual Gold Coast Pride Festival, held in late March and featuring Australia’s only Pride Parade on the beach! 

We aim to meet the needs of our community by providing community-focused events, information, resources, pathways, education and advocacy. We believe in the value, validity and visibility of same-sex and gender-diverse people, and are committed to providing a platform for the rainbow community on the Gold Coast.

EVERYONE is welcome to join our community.



  •  To be the leading LGBTIQA+ organisation on the Gold Coast, acting as a hub for information, social connection and community wellbeing

  • Host the annual Gold Coast Pride Festival, with each year a little bit more fabulous than the next

  • Deliver a year-round calendar of inclusive, inspiring, creative events for the Gold Coast community (and beyond)

  • Aspire to establish a “one-stop shop” clubhouse housing health and information services for the LGBTIQA+ - The Gold Coast Pride Centre 


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Our work revolves around meeting the needs of our communities through advocacy, education, entertainment and support, and acting as a point of contact for LGBTIQ social connection and wellbeing.

We believe in the value and validity of same-sex attracted and gender diverse people; we see diversity as a strength, and we celebrate and embrace inclusion across our LGBTIQ+ communities on the Gold Coast.