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This is a social group for gay men who live on the Gold Coast to catch up for dinners, drinks and social events. We meet at various locations along our amazing strip a few times during the month.

hello guys!

This group is created for all or any Events, Meet ups, Outings and Social gatherings you might be having, or attending!

it can be anything from, a walk along, or a day at the beach? a Bbq? a Monthly Dinner Date? if you go for walks, or rides and wouldn't mind some company? someone to go to the movies with?

If you would like to get, or start a social outing that you think others might like?

if you just want someone to share a meal with?

I think there is a few of us, who spend a lot of time by themselves, dinners for 1, being alone in our homes each night, not really knowing when we are going to get some company or social interaction, (that isn't work, or shopping).

feel free to jump on board, post anything that you are up to, (and are ok with anyone joining you), invite your friends!

Let's all get together and enjoy this beautiful place we live in, the Food! the Sights! the People! the Arts! the Entertainment! the beauty we call home!

"See you at the Dinner table"


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