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Alternating with Drag Queen Trivia every second Sunday join us for some BINGO! Bring your legs 11 and Carmen Taykett will have you rolling with all 4 on the floor. Lots of audience participation and prizes to be won. Our very own $12 Cocktail, Tropical Snatch! Full bar and kitchen open for some yummy food and drinks. Booking through Service: Bingo. $20 full card, $10 half card.

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Come and join us for an afternoon of fun, music and laughter. Alternating with Drag Queen Bingo, Every second Sunday we delve into your dirty minds for some cheeky Trivia, Full bar and kitchen will be open for some yummy food and our very own special $12 Cocktail, Tropical Snatch, made by the first Trivia group. Reserve your space today through their website service: Trivia.